Category: Textile Artistic Expression

13th January 2023

Textile art is very different from the usual types of art – it can be something as simple as a patchwork quilt – but this does not mean that starting your own collection is difficult to do. The first thing you should do when you are looking at and buying any type of textile art […]

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3rd November 2021

Mention the words ‘textile art’ to anyone who isn’t familiar with them, and they may conjure up images of large pieces of abstract art designed more to sit in a gallery on display than in the average home. However, there is more to textile art than this, and most people don’t realise that they can […]

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31st October 2021

To create art using textiles, you need a lot of skill and plenty of imagination. Sometimes you can get something that looks great simply by accident, but mostly you need a good design to work to get that polished finish a lot of artists crave. Patchwork Rugs Making rag rugs was a popular pastime many […]

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20th December 2020

Textile art is a very fun and rewarding activity. The broad selection of materials available, as well the near infinite types of styles possible means that every textile artist can produce unique work. However, in order to maximise creativity, it is vital that they decorate their studio space correctly. Whilst some people prefer to have […]

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15th December 2020

For those who have a creative nature, they are always looking for new mediums that they can use to express themselves. While there is plenty of choices and options, one that may get overlooked is the use of textiles for the creation of many different types of art forms. Becoming a Textile Designer Another option […]

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