Nicotine and Interior Design

Interior Design Textiles
11th May 2023

Interior designers will utilise textile art in a variety of ways. Some of these people may also enjoy smoking. However, if they use a cigarette close to the textiles it could cause irreparable damage. It is therefore wise to make the switch to nicotine pouches.

Price Considerations

In recent years the price of cigarettes has increased. Many interior designers have to stick to a tight budget. The money saved from switching to pouches could be spent on high quality textiles.

The designer could order from the Nordic Spirit UK website if they want a great taste experience. This particular brand has become popular due to its diversity of flavours and strengths. Once the person has found one that they like the most they could order it in bulk. Nordic Spirit will certainly appeal to designers who need to unwind after a stressful textile project. It could also be used as a reward for a job well done.