Fabrics Impact the Design

Interior Design Textiles
5th May 2018

Interior design is about more than picking the furniture. Fabric plays an important role in balancing the room’s design. By incorporates the right fabrics, colors, and patterns, designers create eye-catching ensembles that reflects a homeowner’s taste. Here are three natural fabrics that fit well in interior designs.


Anyone can buy cotton because it’s inexpensive to purchase. The strong, versatile material is a great choice for many home items, including sheets, furniture, and curtains. The fabric works well with informal designs, because cotton is known as a popular element in casual themes.


Wool is charming and warm. This durable fabric will stand the test of time, and large families. It’s not the most comfortable fabric, but its strength may serve a home well over the long haul.

Linen’s casual look is a great addition to homes near the shore. If a designer is trying to bring summer fun ambience inside, this is the fabric that reflects a casual, beach day. It wrinkles easy, but it’s stain resistant.

Picking a natural fabric for a room or home design takes careful consideration. After all, the look and the feel of the textile influences the complete design.