Why You Should Give Textile Wall Art a Try

Interior Design Textiles
16th January 2023

If you collect art, whether on a modest or a grand scale, you might be torn between going for canvas or textile art pieces. The latter is highly favoured as it offers diversity in terms of both depth and shape. That said, this article outlines the distinct benefits of framed fabric wall art.

Fabric Art Offers Stunning Colour

Fabric art pieces are often associated with quality. Unlike mass-produced canvas wall art posters, fabric pieces are usually produced using a process known as dye sublimation, which sees colours and artworks remain true to their original forms. As such, framed fabric wall art posters are the new norm for home wall décor.

Fabric Art is Durable

Fabric wall art printed on quality woven fabric often shows unmatched durability properties than traditional canvas art. For instance, durability comes in handy when facing a dreaded move, which most homeowners do not look forward to. Plus, fabric wall art prints can be framed, folded, or even machine-washed without risk of damage.

Fabric Art is Easy to Change

Fabric wall art is highly interchangeable. As such, they highly favour our ever-changing tastes and preferences. Moreover, with fabric art, you may only have to order the frame once. And the prints can be removed or replaced with ease.

Fabric art is a delight to have in any living space. However, you need to get the right style for the best results. Whether you choose some minimalist designs or you prefer oversized art, there is a range of styles for you. Whichever option you find appealing, let the art do the talking.

Interior Design Textiles