Bio Fabrics are Fashion’s Next Generation Textiles

Textiles in Fashion
28th August 2018

With fast fashion creating a global meltdown, fashion industry experts are seeking new ways to produce fabric that’s good for the environment. Bio-engineering fabric is a new trend sparked by pioneers who’ve developed ways to grow textiles that are eco-friendly and totally combustible. Here are two trailblazers that are making their mark by going green.

Grow Your Own

An advocate for developing clothing fabrics from living organisms, such as yeast and algae, Suzanne Green put forth her best effort with her company. It’s pioneering ways to grow fabric from a petri dish. They make the bio couture from bacteria that grows in sugar-based liquid. The resulting cellulose develops into a leather-like material that will breakdown when discarded. The invention is a wake-up call for fashion executives to explore creating sustainable fabric options.

Bolt Threads

In 2017, designer Stella McCartney partnered with Bolt Threads to create fabric made with protein. The textile is durable, lightweight, and sustainable. It’s on par with cotton, silk, and wool. With a high-profile designer name attached to the venture, it’s the start of a new trend, incorporating technology into new fabrics for fashion design,

Both these business ventures highlight the fashion’s future. With bold steps to incorporate biosciences into developing textiles the fashion industry can create a wide variety of eco-friendly fabrics. Mixing and matching the various fabric inventions is one way to design for the sustainably minded fashionista. After all, fabric made from seaweed and mushroom leather are already on the market. It’s only a matter of time before sustainability meets science to develop a line of eco-couture.